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Global Workshop Presentations

American Society of Clinical Pathologists  Regional Workshop Programs (Newark, NJ; Minneapolis, MN; Atlanta, GA)

Workshop Faculty: IFCC Master Course in Management and Education, 17th International and 13th European Congress - International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Florence, Italy.

Georgia State University,  (Atlanta, GA).

Louisiana State University/Charity Hospital, (New Orleans, LA).

Walter Reed Army Medical Center, (Arlington, VA).

San Francisco State Univ. (San Francisco, CA).

Swedish Hospital (Seattle, WA).

Henry Ford Hosp. (Detroit, MI).

Minn. Medical Technology Society (St. Paul, MN).

International Presentation Experience

Podium Presentations:

“Is It Iron Deficiency Anemia?” MED LAB  Arab Health, Dubai, UAE

“World Health Organization: New Leukemia Classification,”  Dubai, UAE           

Poster Presentation:
“Educating the Workforce,” Poster presented at the XVIII Congress of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC).
Kyoto, Japan.

Best Poster Award:
"Career Options: Innovative Postbaccalaureate Programs Offer Benefits to Individuals, Employers, and Universities," Chinese Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 2000.
Hong Kong, China.

Poster Presentation Accepted:
"Computer Assisted Instruction: An Innovation of Classroom Acceptability," and "Career Options: Innovative Curricula Offer Student, Program and Employer Benefits," 24th World Congress of Medical Technology of the International Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists.
Vancouver, Canada.

 Podium Presentation and Poster Presentation:
Career Options: Innovative Curricula Offer Student and Program Benefits, presented at the Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference.
San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Poster Presentation:
An Innovative Educational Ladder Curriculum in Medical Laboratory Science, Second Hispanic Congress of Health Related Professions and Winter Meeting Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions.
San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Recent U.S.Podium Presentation Experience

“What’s New in Hematology?” , Am Soc. Of Clinical Pathologists, New Jersey, May, 2009; Minnesota,  September,  2010; Georgia, July, 2011.

"Hematology Update." Am Soc. Of Clinical Pathologists, Minnesota, 2010.

 “Re-mediate  Your Courses with Technology,” Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference 2009 , Denver, CO, Feb. 2009

“How Do Students Prefer To Learn?” Curriculum for the 21st Century,  FL Jan, 2009

“Strategies for Effective Teaching with Technology,” Curriculum for the 21st Century FL, Jan. 2009.